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Stefanie Rashford

I've been using Edge Tv for over a year now and I have to say, it's the best service out there. The ease of setup is perfect for anyone and the customer service is amazing. They always respond in minutes.

Cassie Carleton

I started using Edge Tv a few months ago and my experience has been the best. I've tried other providers but the customer support was not as good and things just didn't work smoothly. Iptv-Edge is by far the best provider of Iptv service out there!

Coby Sue
Company Owner

Edge Tv has been my go-to service for a few years now. I have tried other services and either they don't work, or they don't show the channels I want. With IPtv-Edge, I never had any of these problems. The customer service is also the best out there - they always answer me in less than 30 minutes and are always patient.


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